Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mid Atlantic Mountain Works- Marcy 20*

**I originally did this review on BPL on 3/14**

I recently purchased the 20* Marcy quilt from Mid-Atlantic Mountain Works. Mid Atlantic Mountain Works is a new cottage vendor based out of DC and run by a guy named Jared.

The inner and outer shell of the quilt is made from UL Argon(a tight weaved ripstop nylon) from Dutchware and comes in at .67oz per yard. It’s filled with 13 oz of 850 HyperDRY goose from Allied Feather and Down.
It’s 72”x50” with a half taper.

It’s 50” at the head and tapers to 40” at the foot.
Looks to have about 2.5” of loft
In its stuff sack, weighs 20.89 oz on my scale.
It has a drawcord footbox and uses Omni Tape(Velcro) to close up the footbox and has a buckle at the top to keep the footbox closed.
It has shockcords going up both sides starting at the foot box and come out at the head next to a neck drawcord and both go through a single cord lock on either side.
It has a grosgrain strap and center release buckle that goes around the back of your neck to keep everything snug and closed up.
The side shockcords act to keep the sides of the quilt tucked under you when cinched and it works pretty well.
Initial thoughts: I was initially skeptical on how the quality was going to be since it was a new cottage vendor but I am super impressed with the quality of the workmanship. I haven’t found any flaws so far.
I’m 5’10” and it fits me perfectly. With my feet at the end of the footbox, the head of the quilt comes right to my chin. I bought this to use for hammock use and it works great. I should have gone with a wider quilt if I was going to primarily use this on the ground. I’m a side sleeper and toss frequently and 50” is just enough to keep me covered. It would be nice to have a little extra. Next time I buy a quilt I’ll get a wider one. Nothing to do with Mid-Atlantic Mountain works, as it seems most vendors are using 50” as their standard width.
First use: I set up the hammock in the backyard with the Hammock Gear 20* Incubator UQ and an UQP. The temp snuck down to about 25*F and it worked great. I had to vent it a little because I was starting to sweat (I’m generally a hot sleeper). The side shockcords really do help keep the sides tucked under you when you sleep. I have no doubt I can sleep comfortably in lower temps.
Conclusion thus far: It’s worth checking out for a reasonably priced quality quilt. I’ll update when I get more use out of it.

**Update 7/30/15**
After a full season's use from my backyard hammocking in freezing temps, to the Teton Crest Trail in September and to the Shenandoah's in the low teens and a few feet of snow this super cold winter, it performed and held up great.

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